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Incoming Students


Welcome to Gniezno, the first capital city of Poland. Located in central-western Poland, with population of almost 70,000, Gniezno is a popular destination for tourists and a good place for business and education. Rated as one of the oldest cities in Poland, it is closely entwined with the origins of the Polish State. It is a historic place which witnessed a number of important moments that shaped our country. The Gniezno Cathedral, for instance, saw the coronation of the first five Polish kings before the capital was moved to Cracow in the 14th century.

Hipolit Cegielski State University of Applied Sciences in Gniezno is a relatively young institution. It was established on 1 July 2004 on the basis of the resolution of the Council of Ministers of 22 June 2004 (Journal of Laws No. 150, item 1572). Initially, only engineering courses were conducted, first by Poznan University of Technology and since 2004 the studies have been run by Hipolit Cegielski State University of Applied Sciences in Gniezno. The idea to establish an autonomous technical institution of higher education in Gniezno was proposed by, among other units, local town authorities and Poznan University of Technology. As the University expanded, new medical and security courses were created: Physiotherapy and Nursing and later on Security Analytics. Today the University is based on three main pillars: the Institute of Technical Sciences (ICT, Transport and Logistics, Management and Production Engineering), the Institute of Health Sciences (Nursing, Physiotherapy) and the Institute of Security Studies (Security Analytics, Internal Security).

The University’s vocational type of education enables students to gain professional experience which is an invaluable asset in the job market today. Hipolit Cegielski State University of Applied Sciences in Gniezno commits itself to building favourable conditions for providing education at a high European level. This is confirmed by the Erasmus Charter, which opens up a lot of international opportunities. With a vibrant team of academics, administrative staff and, above all, great students we aspire to pursue continuous development in an international dimension. The teaching process in Hipolit Cegielski State University of Applied Sciences in Gniezno meets all the requirements defined by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the State Accreditation.

Our University is situated in a hundred-year-old red-brick buildings that previously served as military barracks. At the beginning of the 21st century they were converted into educational facilities with modern laboratories and teaching rooms, library and canteen. Regarding student housing, we offer accommodation in two locations in the city. The dormitories feature medium-sized rooms with en-suite bathrooms, shared kitchens and laundry rooms at a very attractive rent.

By taking part in the Erasmus+ Programme, we promote mobility amongst our students as well as teaching and administrative staff. We are quite active in the exchanges we implement. Our students, teachers and school administration employees go abroad to study, do traineeships, teach or participate in staff development events. Every year, we also welcome faculty members from our partner universities who come to teach as well as incoming students who come to Gniezno to study and do traineeships.

We will be delighted to welcome you to Gniezno!