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Oferta praktyk studenckich w ramach programu Erasmus+

Data publikacji: 16 października 2019

Oferta praktyk studenckich w ramach programu Erasmus+ na Słowacji!!! Osoby zainteresowane prosimy o zapoznanie się z poniższą informacją i kontakt z Biurem Erasmus+

My name is Emilia and I am a Project coordinator of Placement Slovakia, an internship program managed by WorkSpace Europe, the Slovak Erasmus consortium of universities.

We developed the program to help get Slovakia into a map of interesting destination for Erasmus+ traineeships in Slovakia.

For the past 8 years we have been arranging high quality traineeships for students from across Europe in all fields of study. .

I would like to present to you our selection of vacancies we have currently available for your students in sectors such as Finance, Business, IT, Marketing, Logistics, etc. with starting dates in Autumn/ Winter 2020.

We partner with prestigious mulitinational companies or successful Slovak start-ups, and we know what it means quality or traineeship.

The minimum duration of out traineeships is 5 months.

To support your decision making in encouraging  your students to apply for our program, I would like to mention5 main reasons why the traineeship in Slovakia is a good choice:

 – NO FEES. Our assistance and support is completely free of charge. Plus, we support students during the whole internship period. 

 – FREE ACCOMMODATION. Students are provided with the free accommodation. They do not have to search for the room by themselves, we do it for them. 

 – SUCCESSFUL COMPANIES.  Your students will get a high-quality work experience in a companies they mostly know from home.

 – ENGLISH AS A WORKING LANGUAGE. English is important nowadays. We know it. As well as our cooperating companies. 

 – GOOD IDEA SLOVAKIA. Slovak economy and work opportunities grow fast. The life is not too expensive and the Erasmus grant is ussualy sufficient to cover the stay.

Please, check the attached document and our website for more info about our program.

Business Coordinator

Customer Care Specialist

Financial support specialist

Font End Web developer

Junior Sales Consultant

Marketing Assistant

Process Engineer

Project support specialist in finance

PS flyer

Sea Air Cargo Operation Trainee